Great Clips Online Check-in App Reviews

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I used this app for my last haircut and it worked perfectly! I think a cool feature would also be how many customers are o the list and/or how many stylists are checked in since this info is already in the POS.

Great Time Saver

Great app - saved me at least 1/2 hour the last time I used it. I will use this every time Im heading there, for sure. :) Thank you!

Seems to work now :)

Had some trouble with the network at first, but it seems to be working fine now. Great!

Works Awesome!

Tried this app today to get my sons haircut & it worked great! Got there & we were next! Showed me the nearest GC & how long the wait was... now if only they could make an app like this for my doctors office!

Great app!

This app worked wonders! I checked in today and was next by the time I got there! I loved the update as to the waiting times :)

Great app. But one suggestion...

Needs a spot for notes or a place to enter a specific stylist name request


This app is such a great idea and it works flawlessly.

Very solid app...needs coupons

Works great for online checkin. Would be nice to see in-app coupons or bulk purchases (like they offered over Christmas, at least in our area) where you could buy as many future haircuts you wanted at $10/visit.

In person customers not happy

Ok, app worked well... booked online, walked 5 minutes, walked in & got a spot right away. The guy that was sitting & waiting wasnt overly happy with the stylist since he was already waiting for a chair before I got there. So I just told the guy to go ahead... Created drama if anything. Hopefully GC can put up a screen/monitor showing upcoming appointments & spots so that peoples expectations are met. Showing how they booked (online) etc. to prompt others to do it while making them aware if expected wait times etc.

Great idea !!!!

I used this app first time and ioved it.i had people waiting ahead of me bit i got on chair right way as i saved my spot. Im so going to tell my family and friends !!


App works well. But dont be surprised if you end up waiting longer because they let someone go ahead of you because they forgot to check in and were there before you.

Please Add

I would like to be able to book a future check in. Eg; Im at work...its 10am, I want to get my hair cut at 12pm. I cant pull out my phone and check in at 11:45am. Just an idea.

Its a walk-in service

Great Clips is a walk-in service dont know why some people dont get that . Dont use this app and show up way later than you were meant to . The computer at the salon will take your name off the list because its not an appointment . Dont call the salon for them to put your name on the list again no appointments . App works great if you use it the way its meant . A online check in service .

Needs improvement

You look online and it gives you an approximate wait time. Thats all good, but when you get there after registering online they say you got bumped because people came in after you. The app works like it says but the stores dont cooperate with it. Whats the point in registering online if you still dont get a spot till you get there.

Doesnt work

All I get from the app is a map the directions and the hours of operation and phone number. When I click on the net check in it takes me to a licensing info page. Maybe because I am in canada. Seems pretty pointless to me. Deleting.

Not App

Nothing to do with the App but the stupid chick gave me a buzz cut last night before i could explain what i wanted

Salon doesnt honor check-in

What is the point of having an online check-in when you get bumped back down to the bottom when you get there. Online Im told I have a 10 min wait, show up and get bumped back to 45 min! Completely counterproductive, not to mention horrible for service. Not my idea of a good app if the salons wont honor it.

Doesnt work in Ontario, Canada

Zero stars but the rating app wont let give that as a rating. Great Clips in Ontario recommended using the online check-in app. However, all the app does is show you the store locations and hours. The whole reason for the Online Check-In app, the check-in, does not work! Pointless. A complete fail.

Kelowna Canada

Works great for the Kelowna and Vernon area. Saves me time as I check in on my way from the office and when I get there I am number one on the list and walk right in. Great app and great service!

Good idea but not carried through

Thought it was a great idea . Wait time was 0 and i had a small window of time before my next commitment. However - after waiting 10 minutes and realizing it was going to be at least another 10 minutes - cancelled and left disappointed. 0 = 20 minute wait.

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